Beating myself up…

So recently I've been feeling like a bit of a failure if I'm honest, maybe it's the weather making me feel crappy being so up and down or maybe it's just that I'm slowly coming to the end of my maternity leave? You see when I started my Maternity I had big plans, huge (slightly… Continue reading Beating myself up…


Fantasy Shop Marks and Spencer’s

You know the drill by now people I'm awake doing night feeds (why has she started waking up again?!) (a completely different post that one 🙄) so I browse my fave websites and fantasy shop what I'd get if that money tree was at the bottom of the garden or if we did indeed win… Continue reading Fantasy Shop Marks and Spencer’s


My problem with Advent Calendars 🌲🙈

Here we are on the 12th December already! Didn't realise just how far we had got into December until M asked me this morning what door to open on her advent calendar (cue minor breakdown about all the stuff I still need to do before the big day) Speaking of Advent Calendars I have decided… Continue reading My problem with Advent Calendars 🌲🙈